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About Self Help

'About Self Help' has four parts. Click on the one you want to see.

1. What is Self Help?
This is about self help groups, their history, who belongs to them, how they are structured, group activities and philosophy. How self help is different from welfare, charity, other community based groups, volunteer groups, doing it by yourself and self therapy.

2. The Self Help Movement in Australia in the 1990s
Links to self help sites in other countries are at the end of this page

3. COSHG Aims - What we believe in

4. International & interstate self help centres

5. Collectives
We see working collectively as a way to put our philosophy into practice. We plan to have a Collectives page  with a brief outline of what is involved in working as a collective - but we haven't done it - can you help?
See also the page about  Consensus decision making

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