Between now and June 2020 COSHG will be travelling and presenting workshops in rural Victoria.

These workshops will be of interest to those in the local disability community who are interested in starting a self help group or maintaining an existing one. Our workshops are inclusive and flexible and are aimed at addressing participants’ needs. We will cover a range of topics that assist in running a successful group such as, but not limited to:

   *   What are self help and support groups?
   *   The benefits of being in a group
   *   Setting up a new group and maintaining an existing one
   *   Resources for groups
   *   Finances for groups

COSHG would love to hear from anyone who is interested in having us visit and present a workshop in their town. Email us at .

COSHG is a network of self-help and social action groups. These groups are made up of and controlled by people who are directly affected by a particular issue.

COSHG is governed by a Management Collective which consists of member representatives, staff and those with the skills and interest that will enhance COSHG activities and administration.

COSHG acts as a clearinghouse and resource for people who want to contact groups, start a group or maintain a group. COSHG has an extensive database that includes self-help groups and relevant organisations throughout Victoria.