If you or someone you know has tested positive to COVID-19 and are in need of support, Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group is an online platform for you to connect to and share your experiences.

The group consists of people from all over the world who tested positive, are experiencing symptoms, or are recovering from COVID-19. The discussion groups include 50+ channels based around different communities and topics. Some of these include: forums for those symptomatic for 30+ days or 90+ days; carers of sick friends or relatives; those who have recovered from being on ventilators; those experiencing known and lesser-known symptom groups such as respiratory, neurological, GI, and others; and forums to discuss mental health, financial and employment concerns, medical advocacy, along with many others.

In order to join you will need to share a little bit about what you’re going through to verify that you’re a real person in need of support. All information you share on that form is private and will only be accessible to administrators of the group. Due to extremely high demand, it may take up to a week to add you to the platform but Politic COVID-19 Support Group promises you will hear from them. Alternatively, if you have not tested positive for COVID-19 and you would like to help the community you can request to join the Allies Support Network. The Allies Support Network is interested in hearing from healthcare providers, wellness practitioners, lawyers, and any other professionals who are interested in providing support to our group.

Please refer to the website for more information: www.wearebodypolitic.com/covid19